With each patient seeking treatment, audiologists face a new challenge to provide optimum satisfaction – particularly in situations with noise backgrounds.

To efficiently help patients, audiologists have to analyze various parameters, understand all of the hearing difficulties experienced and define their patients’ expectations. This way, audiologists can best advice, offer the most appropriate hearing aids and anticipate the difficulties that their patients may experience during the fitting process.

Compared to advanced hearing aid technologies, a traditional audiometer and the diagnosis tools it offers are no longer sufficient to answer patients’ needs. Despite many efforts led by audiology professionals, too many people still delay or reject the idea of being equipped with hearing aids.

For years now, Yves Lasry, researcher and hearing aid specialist, has been convinced that audiology professionals need a diagnosis tool to better diagnose and answer their patients’ expectations. After giving a greater access to hearing tests in noise backgrounds, Yves Lasry has put the new technologies’ power to the use of audiologists, by creating Audyx, first online platform of hearing tests.






Initiator, Co-founder and CSO

Pioneer in the development of hearing tests with noise background (BioSoundSystem); Yves Lasry has taken up the challenge of creating Audyx as the first online audiology diagnosis platform.



Co-founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur, and expert on the market of the elderly, Bernard Lasry joined his brother to promote Audyx.